47 thoughts on “What In point of fact Came about Above Milwaukee

  1. Now this is just my initial observation, but I think what we have here is a low resolution, low light adaptive camera recording birds being illuminated by the surrounding city lights. This also accounts for the streaking effect and pixelation, not to mention the perceived slower speed/frame rate on the crappier camera. Later on the same night, the birds were captured again, albeit closer to the building. But hey, birds move, and they change elevation within seconds. I'm not saying it was or wasn't, but simply what it looks like at this moment. Should any new footage come in that refutes what the evidence points to here so far, you can bet I'll post on it. In the meantime, let's keep things friendly, and enjoy our lack of sleep together. New video coming soon.

  2. Problem. The height at which these 'birds' were flying, was now proven to be MUCH higher than any seagulls ever fly. The height I'm speaking of, was calculated from the first, live video from FOX. Just wanted to add that to the facts.

  3. The aliens we're fucking real n still signs from heaven and they artificialized the birds or some so we could believe that the it's really birds.but hell nahh nigga some of us ain't buying dat bullshidd tf

  4. A video of strange objects. Then a second video of seagulls. Therefore the first video was also seagulls. That makes no sense. Logic would dictate, in the least, the first objects are still unidentified.

  5. No conspiracy agreed, but those are not birds period. There would be other weather camera anomilies before this day having been similar. Birds do not get bright and fade out and brighten up again in repetative patterns regarding the light intervals. Light reflected off of birds is relative to their available light sources, here in this shot, is fixed. The behaviors of the actual footage of seagulls and their flight patterns are in now way simular to the 4am weather camerea. I do not know what it is, and even if there is another explaination, it is still not birds for the love of pete

  6. I don’t believe that because in the first video, the things are slithering or moving like fish and they’re glowing.. there’s no way they were seagulls.

  7. This is for a fact not birds. When the objects moved at a fast pace, they appeared brighter. Also, they flew in clusters and weird patterns at higher altitudes, not physically possible?

  8. you cant explain the lighting up when taking off and dimming out when in motion. Birds don't do that whether a low definition camera. look at the different angles or the flight pattern of the objects…

  9. Don't do your own research, the MSM will do it all for you!!! That's what Tyler is saying! 2:30 SMDH 2:43 Why would you say "A massive Fleet of Seagulls?" WTF? Only group of Craft are referred to as a fleet….Man, you must think you're so slick, slipping in what you know it is. A FLEET, and NOT A FLOCK Or, I guess we should just go with that you're an effing retard, and don't know the difference between a fleet, and a flock, correct?

  10. Man U people SURE get worked up when someone says BIRDS!!!!! Birds birds birds birds birds birds birds birds birds birds birds birds birds birds birds…

  11. Looks more like Satan is jerking off then seagulls , seagulls doesnt light up like that , i never saw seagulls giving light in the dark not even above city lights at 3 or 4 am , and i live in a city on the coast with tons of seagulls living in my erea and above my roof

  12. Those are not birds, low resolution or not, birds are not shaped like orbs and they do not glow, change shapes and disappear into thin air

  13. Seagulls, uh maybe not so much….more like high altitude…and might I add…very well trained nocturnal swallows…equipped with glowsticks…headed back 2 Capistrano 🤔😁😂

    …..thats all I got 🤗

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