42 thoughts on “Verbazing in Los Angeles om ‘alien craft’ – RTL NIEUWS

  1. This is not Aliens but Noah in the belly of the whale God is coming it's in the bible don't you see it looks like a whale in the bible Matthew chapter 16 verse 4 : A wicked generation seeks after a sign , and no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the phrophet Johan

  2. And it wasn't anything i've ever seen before all my family are prior service airforce so i've seen alll kinds of aircraft day and night….that is not human.

  3. I just saw one of these ufos south of grand junction,co. About 30 minutes ago and it looked like it got shot out of the sky, i couldn't turn my phone on and get a picture before they shot it out of the sky….omg I've never believed in ufos before,,,,,,now i do.

  4. That's was ladies and gentlemens rocket lunch cuz of speed we can see shape also we can see shock wave when elements are split from each other cuz of explosion makes them separate and gives a boost to rocket like a gun and bullet
    Looks awsome..
    Nice video guys… ☺️

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