21 thoughts on “UFOs What is Going On HBO

  1. since theoretical physicists have proven the existence of at least 10 dimensions, why couldnt they simply come from other dimensions?

  2. Some people think there is absolutely zero life in the whole universe, other than on planet earth ! Isn't that funny ? Some people think there actually is life elsewhere but they beleive its a God, his son and human ancesters. Isn't that even funnier ? Some people say they talk to dead people. Some people say UFO sightings are all hoaxes. People say a lot of things. Nobody is sure of anything. It just seems plausible that there is something behind these phenomenons.

  3. If you see the glowing balls run away! they possesses with devils from hell then they will try to make wake outside to the ufo's  and abduct you and do experiments on you brain, the real problem is that when the ball appear in your town NO ONE WILL REMEMBER ANYTHINK AT ALL APPARENTLY AND DON'T SAY ANYTHING YOU'LL GET CALL CARZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  4. I've never seen a UFO to my knowledge…but, I'll never tell someone what they did or didn't see if I wasn't there…

  5. old bald man blinks every time he tells a lie. its a tell but who knows maybe intentionally wanted people to doubt his explanations…wow just confused myself! mission accomplished

  6. Kiss my ass Philip Klass. You weren't there and you know jack-shit. You can barely string a sentence together, never mind write a book. Bit of a rubbish doc; you've seen at all before. Many better video documentaries on Youtube on the subject. Thankfully Klass died in 2005, so we may no loner have to suffer his intolerable drivel. 49:40 you know nothing, Larry Warren. Your story changes every time and you are clearly being paid to lie.

  7. Hard to pin down what ufos represent. They could be ETs that have been here for thousands of yrs (which seems more likely because there is evidence for this), or they could be what Jacques Vallee believes, an ancient paranormal intelligence capable of manipulating matter & energy (& consciousness). Or it could be both. The former morphing into the latter. Whatever is behind ufos doesn't leave many clues. They seem to be purposely hiding themselves. On this point I agree with ufolawyer's assessment that it's an, "intelligence that created the simulation disguising itself as an alien in order to avoid detection."

  8. And too this material that was as thin as cigarette foil and strong enough at that thickness to cause a sledge to bounce off of it, and cause no damage, hits the earths ground not the hardest thing in the world, not as hard as a sledge hammer by far, and guess what! It falls apart into pieces you can pick up up in your hand. Amazing! Yet no one brings this stuff up, they stick to the big story, never being questioned about the little things that make up a story. This is what government does, what! Because it works!

  9. In the Roswell case there are things that make no sense. Whenever things like this are reported, I like many other people put myself in their shoes. In doing that here I have this questioning discrepancy. I am a farmer I find wreckage of a downed space craft. I gather up a box of this super amazing material that has super amazing qualities, things I have never seen or even heard of, I take this home to show my son. For me not to hide away and keep some of this amazing material, to show my friends as proof later that I really did see a wrecked UFO is proof that this was fabricated, i don't think this farmer told his son ever, about seeing alien remains, what person sees and picks up material at a crash site fail or fail to see and or tell his son. One of the aliens was said to be still alive, what person runs home t show metal in a box to his family but ignores a wounded intity, at the site of a UFO crash site? Too too stupid to believe or even fathom.

  10. Look at 35 min mark with the car going up the dirt road,look at the mountain in the middle of the screen anyone see a light shooting off?

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