35 thoughts on “UFO Sightings Huge Experiences Of UFOs LIGHT-UP Chicago And Michigan! 2015

  1. Man if that was me I'd run. I'd be darting several blocks to get home. We all know what happened to the ppl in war of the worlds who just stood and watched

  2. 3.34 U didnt feel anything from it , no fear??? If i saw that shit, i would call the cops wake up the neighbors and freak out maybe? If it was an "alien ship" then why would you start recording it with your phone(nokia 1100 probably). Just my opinion, idk why i am wasting time here , if aliens existed, they would allready say "hi" maybe or kill us and take over the planet?

  3. Strange thing is, I'm a Michigander, and nobody around here has heard one thing about any of this. Everyone I've talked to so far says it's a bunch of bullsh**.

  4. Over Chicago and Michigan – that's explainable. Just ask that stupid weatherman – it is MIRAGE ……..Check Chicago Skyline MIRAGE….. What an idiot……

  5. Please excuse my ignorance, but what are UFO's exactly? Are they extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional or are they man-made (military)? What is the general consensus? The reason I ask is because I think I seen one many years ago. This thing changed directions at super crazy speeds.

  6. I saw what thersa saw while driving south from downtown Chicago, on Lake Shore Drive, also, the ones that that hoovered over the lake in a formation, it may have been 20 or more. The people who don't believe the the testimonies of those who have the real experience, I hope you don't die of fear so you can share. Keep your video device in the quick access mode.

  7. She said it was HUGE, but she didn't feel nothing from it, she must be gaping, and then she said thanks for letting me check you out, she said it not me.

  8. These videos are not fake; the UFOs are not fake, they are real. Who did not experienced sighting of UFOs can not tell what is real and what is fake. Some of you here can not distinguish day of night so train your eyes!

  9. Do aliens anal probe bunny rabbits. That could be a possible explanation for the Easter egg. Then again the same people who subscribe to this nonsense also believe in zombie Jesusn

  10. whoa, at the same time I watched this I was watching the real UFO outside my house, so I had to pause this vid, sadly not enough memory left on my cam. As I was  looking for the spare memory card and back out side it was nothing to be seen but stars and satellites. and then  reappeared again for few second and disappeared again very typical! 🙁

  11. When I seen them they were triangular. Some were different. They were beaming them selves from one point of origin to another. They know how to use energy from planets to use for their space ships. IMO these are beings that are from another planetary system and have been alive for millions maybe even billions years longer then us here on earth. I mean why and how in ancient times pyramids all over the world start popping up all over the place?

  12. I don't believe in aliens, but how can people say a UFO fake.
    I mean an unidentified flying object, is an unidentified flying object. Just because it's unknown doesn't mean it's automatically alien, but it's still a UFO 😛

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