UFO sighting in Northern Norway, 13 August 2010

This UFO was once seen within the Northern portions of Norway, 13 August 2010. This was once in the similar space the place the Spiral UFO of December 2009 was once seen, then again any reference to this or the…

Period: 4:21

Perspectives: 319903

20 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Northern Norway, 13 August 2010

  1. Looks like Federal German Republik built UFO. That UFO can be identified with 4 Ball like or cylindrical like protrusions on the underside 90Deg. spaced. Originaly designed to take out Nuklear Guidance Satelite waepons systems during cold war. This is improved design of the Hanebu Series with imput by Burkhard Heim .
    Most probably already outdated and occsionaly used and stored in Top secret Nato Facility in Scandinavia.

  2. yep. could be a test aircraft from area 51. but this looks more like a bottle cap or something similar to it. when they say ufos its means "Unidentified Flying Object" they use that when control towers or pilots and others discovers something unknown. im sure you alredy know that.

  3. nobody predicted their shape…
    it all started in the days when ancient mayas where present..but the exact shape..roswell maaan..in that incident news reported ufo with a word "saucer"..

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