20 thoughts on “UFO mothership liberating smaller plasma UFOs

  1. all plasma ufos are ours (project bluebeam and project awaken). the latest are flying plasma crosses for a false flag religious event.

  2. My guess is that that's a wormhole opening up into this dimension, it looks like the sacred geometric  vesica pisces shape,  with the vessels entering 3rd dimension in that brilliant light. I don't think it's a mother ship at all.

  3. I was in nw corner of fl. Saw these in the South South Eastern sky nightly from 9pm to 2 am<br />Most were near the Little Dipper in winter sky<br />Amazing stuff. Surprised not more videos of this. Looks like stars flickering until you grab a pair of binos …then you can see the plasma orb changing geometrically rapidly. Sometimes shooting out other orbs. Wild.

  4. Dear friend, Let it be known it is far easier to tell one million people a lie, than to tell one person the Truth..
    We have been lied to,,,
    We have been mislead..
    Those that follow religion seek reward…
    Those that find spirituality seek Truth…
    Please find your Truth, Go to   educate-yourself.org   and the Truth shall set you Free…
    Love and Light to All…

  5. If this is real then it should shed huge light on how alien spacecraft operate. If this is fake, then it is one hell of a fake and the faker should become a professional cgi animator.

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