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  1. The alleged "occupants" change their appearance (aka position in the craft) throughout the footage: check archivosovni2.blogspot.de. What you claim at 1:12 is not true: youtube.com/watch?v=BX3VTg1uQrw&t=95s – you seem to have edited it into the video. They use a digital camcorder with the usual pivot algorithm for optimized storaging.
    A committee of very skeptical astronomers analyzed the tape and had to admit they could not find any sign that indicate that the tape is not legit. youtube.com/watch?v=baQa0GRAS6M

  2. Really dont convince me… And you show yourself controversial when say above " Yea the footage is legit but the craft are models"… So the date thing can happen… with low quality version… all the rest is weak argues… Imagine its a Model, so WHERE IS IT in market cause ITS AWESOME and FROM ANOTHER WORLD!! Lol Awesome Model with their stonishing lights!! And you saw the DAYLIGHT films of this same sequences?? Why it isnt in your "analysis"?? No no, this time YOU ARE THE ONLY HOAX here…

  3. I feel sorry for all the idiots which they believe that youtube is the true source for alien disclosure.
    They believe every video that is uploaded from scums and hoaxers and they just buy it!!!
    The fact that for 3 years the UFO returned to the same place filmed from the same men is the smokinggun, ifyou dont believe the analysis of M wing.
    Think about it the same model same lightning in 3 years!!!and the aliens i think they were inserted afterwards.

  4. what is the point of going through the work if this is a hoax? the best proof for me is the 1947 newspaper headlines that the army air core retrieved a disc and sent it to Patterson air base for further investigating. furthermore, for the air force to immediately retract the story and say it was alumin foil weather balloon debris is a crazier story then the spaceship. no way in hell the air force or army are that dumb to make such a mistake especially major Marcell being an expert in the field and knew damn well wtf a weather balloon was.

  5. You did your analysis based on the digital copy, not from the original tape. It cannot be considered conclusive. Even so you have some valid points that need further investigation.

  6. My problem with these videos is how come Murat Yalcin is the only person to record them? Where are other angles, views or witnesses to corroborate? And don't tell me Roger Lier, the guy made his name removing "implants".

  7. Do you care to explain your own sighting that you mention at the end? Where was it? Who else witnessed it? Did you have a camera? Why do you think there are no good videos of UFO's out there yet?

  8. My 2nd sighting was in 1975, I was settling down to watch Barney Miller (popular sitcom of the day) when bright lights came through our bay window we had gas line trails up in the field, and it was toward the end of October, and I thought who would be up there ? ( it was a popular snowmobile trail at the time) but there wasn't any snow!! I walked up to the window and the light turned 90 degrees, and then I saw it, it was a red glowing object, I'd say about 40 to 50 ft. in diameter, I watched it hover and moving SLOWLY toward our house!! I stepped out onto the front porch and it was cold out but I really didn't notice, it was a glowing red object, I was mesmerized by it, and I couldn't take my eyes off of it (of course). I watched it until it hovered out of sight, I then I walked back inside & Barney Miller show was over ! I'll carry this memory with to the grave, knowing there is intelligent life out there, I know it was an alien craft, there is more to the story,but that's all I'm going to say on this subject, Keep it real, the people who fake this shit just makes it worse for people who have had a real experience Sincerely !! d.j.

  9. People get very butt hurt when you mess with their emotionally invested dreams of alien visitation. Sorry guys, you're not part of a special group of people who know "the truth". You're just poor gullible masses like the rest of us!

  10. Unfortunately just about everything you say can be explained away when you know how modern computing treats video alongside compression etc. You're probably correct but masking and compression algorithms on video cameras/phones these days can explain the very things you are saying. You'll also need to include the daylight images also if your premise is to hold up.

  11. Pretty condemning evidence to be fair. Seeing it all in slow motion I now see the obvious errors made in production. I do a lot of work with Adobe After Effects and know about layers and tracking to make objects appear to be flying or moving and it stands out a mile now. Cheers for this.

  12. So you're saying this is fake. While pursuing all experts have researched this, say Real object in film.? If you're so intiligent, Solciteert as with NASA, and filmmakers like bross, Can you get rich. Amateur fool that you are.
    US amateur experts Yea right and I Am President Obama.
    This freak is trying to drag inside like youtube and money. how pathetic is you do not, no life certainly unemployed freak first class.

  13. There are indications that this video is a hoax even without the deeper analysis. Firstly… it looks like a model lol. Secondly, I'm always dubious when there is no scale comparison ie. zooming out to something nearby then zooming back in. Thirdly, it just looks so ridiculous – straight out of a 50's sci-fi movie – 2 beings sitting staring out of a window that looks like a variant of an airplane cockpit – not very imaginative. Also the camera shake has a 'fake' feel to it – like it's being deliberately done. It has hoax written all over it and it's sad that people will not even acknowledge what's right in front of them through a desperation of wanting it to be real.

  14. I REALLY hope that everyone isn't buying that this is "debunked" the fact remains it hasn't been debunked. People can put these videos together and speculate that it's a "model" but even Russia has done analysis and claim it to be genuine without any manipulation. Manipulation could have come after the fact to "debunk" this. People have to realize that the powers that be lead huge debunking campaigns on things like this. Look at pheonix lights. Another great example. I do think we need to stay vigilant of frauds. But in cases like this we need to stay open minded and remember the truth is out there and hopefully it won't stay hidden much longer.

  15. So there are three options:
    1. The aliens watched the video on youtube, didn't like it, and decided to pose for the camera two more times.
    2. The author of this video liked the amount hits it got and decided to repeat the success…Twice. M Wang clearly showed us the overlapping dates.
    3. This video is a hoax. I hope not because this was one of the most compelling UFO videos out there.

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