Surprised Mother & Daughter File Eerie Diamond UFO Over Australia! 6/9/16

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29 thoughts on “Surprised Mother & Daughter File Eerie Diamond UFO Over Australia! 6/9/16

  1. The 2nd clip is pretty good as jumpy ufo clips go anyway. I just can't shake the feeling that 'they' are surveying their surroundings. Weird. Ill think that I've seen every Secureteam10 episode when bam, I find another cool one I've yet to land on. Sweet.

  2. I'm 100% certain their government. I've seen some huge black triangles. I call them Behemoth Doritos. They're often flown on cloudy days and move similar to blimps. Whether or not they're creating the clouds remains unknown.

  3. I believe the 1st video is a piece of an awning or otyer debris caught up in the gail, like the bouncy toys that fly with kids inside in strong winds. The second, I cannot say.

  4. This a shocker!! Standing still while moving at its own pace what?? It was making a weird sound. They heard that from inside a car surrounded by traffic HAHA, what a load of bollocks. You guys will put up anything.

  5. The very first so called ufo in the above clip is something that the wind has lifted off the ground…like plastic sheeting or something like part of a bouncy castle. the clue should have been spotted when it was revealed it was a windy day…….I would not waste time posted vague stuff like this…..only really good stuff should be posted otherwise credibility can be lost and people will not return to watch certain you tube sites……

  6. that looks like the triangle i seen,and it went into a direction that was basically impossible,we they stuff with your memory and give you .screen memories,

  7. that part of melb has lots of parade air ballons and such take off. in weird shapes and sizes. So no its common to see star shapped, football shapped and such. someone even has a giant UP house one.

  8. I seen a flying saucer land on a mesa here on Navajo reservation, this was in 1997 then recently I seen a diamond shape object up In sky, the object was flat and diamond shape it was flipping through the sky, so I wave at it and it stop back up and hovered above me just flipping then disappeared right where it was. This was also here on Navajo reservation.

  9. WOW, Hey Tyler there are TWO OTHER UFO's in that first video and one of the ones that are moving around the stationary UFO IS INVISIBLE except for a shadow effect that can be seen tagging along with the other ORB-LIKE UFO!!!!!! WOW AMAZING FOOTAGE DUDE!!!! I missed this last year when my computer went down I guess. So glad that I did the research now and have another look at what I saw okay……especially at around the 2:00 to 2:14 marks.

  10. I know this is an old post but I just came across it. Ok, so how does this lady know how loud it was? It looks very far away and she said it was really windy, I'm not sure but are her windows UP? Windows down would have been an awful lot of wind noise in the car. Just playing detective. aside from that, it is interesting looking..

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