26 thoughts on “Frightening Portal Opening Above CERN? Helicopter Chases UFO & Extra! nine/20/16

  1. Can we talk , have had and did. deminential shift, Mandela effect, hmmm? A nobil way to get Earth out of harms way, A way to put Earth 'in' harms way? who knows what the Devil wants to do. I am just in it for the ride i guess.

  2. I just thought of something that the stuff they're spraying in the air from the plane could be magnetic and it's showing up something in the clouds about what they're doing

  3. I went to this place called Fermilab which actually works with CERN and they were giving out free tours for a weekend but they had a lot of signs on doors that say “OFF LIMITS. DON’T ENTER.” Which seems sketchy and they told me not to take pictures but I did anyway. The workers were talking about how CERN is working on a particle called “The GOD Particle.”

  4. In the Fla lights, there are more over in the cloud to the right of view.
    And the hoverboard..the gov has had this capability since the 1950's !!!

  5. The first part of this video… Could have been the bounce house incident. Apparently there are many such mishaps between bounce houses and wind storms. Kids have been seriously hurt.

  6. The Sam Kantrow clip of a "ufo" was a flipping fly or a bird as its gliding pattern was not smooth like a plane or any object with advanced flight capabilities. It was jagged and had a pattern like a bird or fly flapping its wings. Come on now.

  7. Cern made those mini black holes. It was in scientific america. Messed my world up till i heard someone explain this may have pulled us through.
    Cool board, to bad public wont see it.

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