Pew! Pew! Quantity 1: Intercourse! Weapons! Spaceships! Oh My

Value: $24.99

nine Comedic area opera stories of giant spaceships, deficient existence selections, and a variety of Pew!

Delta-Group – by way of M. D. Cooper
In 8913, a crack army unit was once court-martialed and despatched to a most safety jail for stealing the overall’s cookie recipes. Colonel Ramsey and his crew promptly escaped and fled the core methods.

These days they function infantrymen of fortune, or no matter else will cause them to a dollar.

When you have an issue, if no person else can lend a hand, and if you’ll in finding, then perhaps, you’ll rent the Delta Group.

The Methane Lake of Excruciating Tedium – by way of Felix R. Savage
Climatologist Beddard Godwin is elated when he will get an opportunity to paintings on Titan, a moon of Saturn so chilly that liquid methane bureaucracy lakes at the floor. By myself at the frigid floor, he contentedly composes romantic poetry and contemplates the poisonous clouds. But if a mysterious passenger seems in his boat, he discovers that there are a lot, a lot worse issues than different human beings on Titan…

The Final Bounty – by way of Barry J. Hutchison
As soon as the baddest bounty hunter within the galaxy, all Konto Oon needs nowadays is a quiet circle of relatives existence with the girl he loves, and the honor of Deenia, the step-daughter who hates his guts. But if Deenia is taken hostage, Konto should make use of all his talents to mount a death-defying rescue undertaking.

With a terrorist-filled station between him and the hostages, and an infuriatingly upbeat boy from Deenia’s elegance for corporate, Konto’s skills might be stretched to their restrict as he is going after crucial bounty of his life–his daughter.

Spaceberg – by way of M. Pax
When Spaceberg hits, Nikili Echols of Orbital Rescue Squad 51 is first at the scene. However whilst she battles one crisis after another–saving other people, starships, and full worlds–Spaceberg proves to be multiple lady can take care of. She’s dropping flooring.

With time working out Nikili is compelled to crew up along with her ex husband as a way to rescue their daughter and to save lots of what stays humanity and its house device.

The Lengthy Darkish Pew – by way of Chris J. Pike
The team of the Barnburner are misfits and bother makers with a meals replicator that does not paintings, a clinically depressed AI; and when responsibility calls they are past due. Sadly for the destiny of the planet, it will be as much as them to forestall a horde of area bees from invading Earth–or no less than get stung attempting.

Brewing Bother – by way of Amy Duboff
Dropping a watch is just the beginning of Jack’s misadventure when he is conscripted by way of a gaggle of thieves to thieve an leading edge power core. Even along with his existence at the line, the promise of the very best cup of espresso is definitely worth the chance.

Dodging Destiny – by way of Zen DiPietro
A redshirt pits himself towards the universe–which one will win?

Charlie Kenny has a fork phobia, a cyborg granny, and extra dangerous success than a black cat breaking a reflect on April Idiot’s Day.

He is on his method into area for the primary time, and given his historical past, it is certain to head epically dangerous.

Redshirts do not get a happily-ever-after.

Gli+ch – by way of Drew Avera
Simply when Ben’s considering whether or not or now not he can use his robot arm to strangle himself, he sees an advert selling a brand new mining colony on Europa. A brand new existence, just right pay, and recognize watch for him if he can simply get there from Mars. The recent woman within the advert could have helped, too.

However area is not a spot for the susceptible, or the terminally unfortunate, and when calamity moves proper out of the gate, Ben begins to assume attending to Europa might take a farking miracle.

Bat Johnson, the Mad Mortician of Mars – by way of Rachel Aukes

A story of area colonization, alien invasions, and lactose intolerance.

The Mars Bionet is a desolate position. Handiest the hardest live on there. Those that do not finally end up on Bat’s desk. When trade abruptly alternatives up, he discovers that people don’t seem to be the one Martians, and the true ones are tiny, lovable, and actually ticked off. When no person believes his tale, Bat by myself should tackle an alien military to save lots of Mars and–hopefully–get a bit of peace and quiet.

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