J Rockett Audio Designs Alien Echo Professional Collection Guitar Pedal

Worth: $139.00 - Too low to display

The Alien Echo is Rockett Pedals’ providing to succeed in antique analog sounds and wiped out tape extend sounds. The modulation is random and unpredictable very similar to a tape extend. Modulation may be foot switchable for at the fly impact adjustments. The tone keep watch over most effective impacts the extend sign and relying on the place it’s set will dictate antique analog or wiped out tape extend sounds. That is a particularly musical extend that may cross from lush, magical lengthy delays to heat nation slapback delays. When you mess with the modulation you’ll be able to get some lovely loopy sounds which is the place they got here up with the identify.The Warble Knob controls a random modulation designed to emulate actual tape warble.
The Modulation Transfer engages the warble knob as warble can most effective be activated when the extend impact is engaged.
Extend Time results the time between repeats.
The Combine controls the depth of not on time notes
The ton keep watch over grew to become to the left creates darker, analog sounds and grew to become to the best creates lush, good tape extend sounds

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