It is Been 50 Years since Gemini 6 Noticed a UFO

Gemini 6’s claims of seeing a UFO whilst in orbit across the Earth ended in the primary ever are living live performance from area. Need extra tales of Christmas in area? I have put in combination a bit of of a roundup…

Period: 3:15

Perspectives: 63952

24 thoughts on “It is Been 50 Years since Gemini 6 Noticed a UFO

  1. I forgot about that…to hell with Apollo, the real heros are the guys who spent a couple weeks in a Gemini capsule! WEEKS! That's like spending two weeks in the cab of a single cab compact pickup truck, basically. What the hell does one do for two weeks in a tiny tin can in space?

  2. Wait…is "Geminee" the normal pronunciation for this? Either I've always been saying it wrong, or we have a different regional accent here. I've always thought it was "Gemin-eye".

  3. he smuggled a honer harmonica with him , nobody knew about this , than in space he played silent night , quite unique , but at our times , nobody cares , how ever nasa control centre had a very special reception from space

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