Forbidden E-book Of Enoch : Fallen Angels,Nephilim and Extraterrestrial beings

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23 thoughts on “Forbidden E-book Of Enoch : Fallen Angels,Nephilim and Extraterrestrial beings

  1. Those with The Holy Spirit will be guided to the truth. Instead of putting so much time into this, why don't you build your relationship with Jesus and ask him yourself.

  2. Those bloodthirsty giants remind me of Titans from the anime attack on Titan, you guys think the creator took inspiration from the book of Enoch?

  3. Oh I tell you right now why it was removed.. The Christian church couldn't care less about the "mysticism" part it.. the problem was they spend so much time white washing everybody in the Bible that anybody with 2 brain cells that reads Enoch can clearly that Sheba the Ethiopians and the Jews including Solomon and people of color, and if soloman was black well his dad David dam sure was too .. lol! Witch would completely destroy the image the white Jesus they have been pushing for years to indoctrinate other the nations… truth hurts so just deal it and swallow it .. no need to reply with semantic history or song and dance scripture … we already know the truth so save you typing…. later 😉

  4. 2:00 "Geez"…ancient Ethiopian language which is only currently spoken/understood by those peoples who study the Bible which is written in "Geez" alphabet. Book of Enokh(Henok in Geez and also Amharic) believed that it exists in Ethiopian Orthodox Christian churches!

  5. The bible was founded in the Africa continent! To know that this book was found in Ethiopia just adds to much truth to the power of people of color. History was stolen from us and recreated with European pictures among other stuff. The sacred texts belong to the African/African American people. Religion belongs to the European culture.

  6. The book of Enoch is not forbidden and it's surely not hidden either. It's not "secret scriptures" or "scriptures the church DOESN'T want you to know about!". It's proven false – being inconsistent with basic Biblical truths. Genesis says that before the flood there was no rain – yet the book of Enoch refutes this. Something that basic – and there are many more inconsistencies. Look it up and see for yourself. It's not a secret, it's rejected.

  7. Sons of God are always referred to people chosen "Goodness" by God, such as 12 tribes of Israel, Churches, etc. In Genesis, it's also talking about human on earth; "Goodness" Sons of God and "Evil" Daughters of Man that resulted to very evil generations. Why daughters of man repsented the evil? Because we can read on previous chapters of the book (Genesis) how Eve (Female) brought Adam to the Sin. So, it's not about angelic beings approached the humans. That's so paganism.

  8. If you say they are so sexual they might of had visited gabriel you claim him to be a woman perhaps they might of lasted longer

  9. THE name God is actually from Gad which is from gadbreel and is Satan's name in book of enoch.revelation states most would be tricked into worshipping the beast.

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