17 thoughts on “Excessive Shrimp Would possibly Cling Clues to Alien Existence

  1. What I  wonder is if life could develop in such an environment like the moon Europa or these deep sea areas on earth. Or life only can develop on earth like habitats and they migrate to these areas after a long evolution chain. So maybe it just migrated there and europe is a steril planet or it can develop completely without sunlight and its full of life,

  2. It is possible that life on Europa is not composed of proteins as terrestrial organisms are. One could expect to find something similar to chemo bacteria, or even something new which subsists on heat alone.

  3. Very interesting, but again, it's apparent Mars is being ignored, and instead the focus is on a distant moon of Jupiter, Europa. There's plenty of extremophiles that live in places on Earth that are less habitable than lots of places on Mars, so why the diversion?

  4. The only way to know for sure is to go there and check it out. Life displays a great capacity for adaptation, but the key element is to understand how life gets started in the first place. Water is probably a universal prerequisite, if there's an ocean underneath Europa's ice sheets, and its interior is just warm enough for enzymes and proteins to function properly, then we might have life.

  5. as far as extreme compression?  yes exactly.  British Droopy is right.

    this is not the best scientific idea but…. let's drop some off and see if they survive lol

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