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Unique 60 Mins with Luis Elizondo – Former Director of the AATIP http://media.whooshkaa.com/podcasts/2591/episodes/178659-ufoint11-luis-elizondo-64ok.mp3 Visitor: Luis Elizondo (UFORadio…

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  1. One big question is how many planets in the galaxy have intelligent, space faring civilizations on them. The alien space ships that the program has discovered, do they all come from the same planet or from different closely spaced planetary systems, or from planetary systems tens of thousands of light years apart from one another? Are they all run with the same operating system or are they as alien from each other as they are from us, and have they gotten acquainted with each other by their coincidental traveling to Earth?

  2. Luiz needs to talk with Dr. Steven
    Greer of the Disclosure Project
    who has direct CONTACT with
    ETs and could answer a lot of his
    questions. He has briefed Members of Congress, CIA Directors, top Military Brass, etc.

  3. Luiz Elizondo says he is an inventor. Why doesn't he work on
    creating the FREE ENERGY DEVICE which "accesses the ambient
    electromagnetic, or zero point
    energy state to produce vast
    amounts of energy without pollution".
    This would eliminate the need for
    oil, gas, and coal world wide and
    improve the quality of life on earth.
    Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure
    Project has promised a $100,000
    Reward for anyone who can make
    help all of humanity.
    However, the Five Trillion Dollar
    Oil, Gas, and Coal Industry is
    determined to prevent this.

  4. Thanks so much for posting this interview. It clarifies many ideas that were touched on in the NY Times article, which I very much appreciate. Still stunning to hear this information, despite years of having read about comparable incidents and information.

  5. Luis Elizondo clearly states that he has no idea what these ufos are. However, Tom DeLonge states that his academy intends to build such a craft. Although they work together, they contradict each other in a key point and that is what makes me suspicious. Louis Elizondo sounds very credible, remember though that hes a former intelligence officer.

  6. Thank you Mr. Elizondo for your previous information, and thank you for giving an hour, but here you have provided almost no, new, key information about UFOs not already mentioned in the New York Times article, etc. Most if not all the good that has come from this has already been eked out: UFOs are sometimes real, physical phenomena that even experts in conventional craft and science cannot explain. Done. But WHY did you quit your job if there would be no additional disclosure? Without further information, we cannot further the conversation.

  7. The question of who is behind these Ufos scares the shit out of man because the very idea of subjecting ourselves to a higher power than us makes us panic

  8. Why is there no public explanation and an apology for using a photo of a mylar balloon that was presented to be a UFO at the big presentation. Later it was exposed to be taken in 2005 and definitely this balloon object! To the stars academy did not gave any explanation to jimmy church radio, david wilcock or any other interviewer, researcher or the entire UFO research community! But the took 2.4 million dollars in donations so far! There is an article on divinecosmos dot com about this big fail!

  9. Amazing interview this is a historical event. Elizondo is a hero that did what a real hero does: stand up for truth!
    The resistance and denial and the hostility from people i cannot understand.

  10. I think Secretary of Defense the first Secretary of Defense mr. Forrestal once he realized that we had a real operational extraterrestrial vehicle he lost his mind he broke down and could not comprehend that anyone can have anything Superior above us except God and he didn't expect to see God or his angels

  11. It surprises me but it doesn't how people refuse to believe the information from the most credible Witnesses the reason they don't want to believe it is because they have a sense of superiority and once you think that with something that's far superior there you'll have more resistance than anything you've ever had prior

  12. In an interview I read online Elizondo described how they believe the UFOS fly. What he described was very similar to what Lazar stated about the propulsion system he allegedly saw. Quite interesting.

  13. I have just one question, ' Why is the issue of Religion keeping the Truth about other Life in the Universe from being looked at more seriously. Only mankind can be so limited in it's Thinking that GOD would make one planet have life and leave Billions of universes Lifeless!

  14. So the first question is why Luis is not having this conversation on the CBS ,ABC, NBC evening news.
    Next question is why does the interviewer have problems with his accent. There is a mix of Scottish, Central America and Eastern European.
    Tell me again why Luis is not talking to Linda Moulton Howe or Jimmy Church or Joseph P. Farrell or Grant Cameron for the alternative media outlets. Or Oprah or a Ellen or Kimmel or Anderson Cooper for the mainstream America news outlet?
    If he wants us to take him seriously then he really needs to step up to the plate and deliver honestly and not kind of deliver with some interview that people have to literally go searching for on YouTube. Really?

  15. Thanks for the real facts on so many of the things mass media got wrong or conveniently didn’t mention. I am so sick of the fake news . They need to be called out on every detail they get wrong!

  16. We are without a doubt being visited by highly advanced non terrestrial intelligences. That is the bottom line you have to take from the Nimitz gun cam footage.

    We are not alone in the universe.


  17. Thanks for the information Luis. Don't understand why you are not entitled to your pension and benefits, those are earned and what you are doing is honorable. I'm glad you mentioned those individuals that hold back society because of the fundamentalist religious beliefs some of which are the eschatological Christians. This is not the first time I heard of these individuals in government and I see their presence on YT as well. I don't share their beliefs and believe their views are twisted or even insane. Most of us love this planet and for them to promote and embrace death is insane no matter how they may fluff up the terminology. Thanks for the update on theTo the Stars Academy.

  18. This isn't what I wanted to hear. I want proof of Aliens. Was Roswell real? Pics of captured aliens? Pics of downed ships? I don't give a shit about physics and about building a craft that according to Tom has already been built (TR3B). Tom and his group are not going to disclose anything now that Podesta isn't answering Tom's calls anymore.

  19. Like most of your other listeners, I must compliment you on the intelligent interview you conducted. Mr. Elizondo is a very impressive man and I hope he is taken seriously. This area of investigation deserves serious and scientific attention. Thank you for your efforts.

  20. Wow had people who used to work with him say his life should be threatened & should have his security clearance taken away, not bad to say it’s all misidentified aircraft & weather phenomena hey?

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