33 thoughts on “Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson on UFOs

  1. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a brilliant, entertaining astrophysicist but he's limited to orthodox principles and condescending to serious UFO investigators such as Harvard's John Mack and others. Unfortunately, he's well out of his depth in terms of Ufology.

  2. "i dont know what it is. it must be aliens from outer space visiting from another planet"

    "i dont know how earth and life was started therefore god and religion of my parents is the correct hypothesis"

  3. Fucking faggot. Ever saw a big fucking black triangle flying over your head? What about the F-16's that were chasing a triangle. Djees that fucking faggot should go eat a banana and climb in a tree.

  4. Please explain to me and my cousin a marine, what ufos are… maybe the government is hiring agents like Neil to give out dis information because we know what we saw and it was not unidentified but more like supreme technology..

  5. Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is way out of his element here. The phenomena of UFO's or what now is commonly called UAP's (unidentified arial phenomena) does have actual evidence. For example radar acquired targets that confirm visual observations from military and commercial entities. Now that does not mean the targets are alien craft etc. However that is 'an option' when the target behaves in physically unexplained ways which we cannot duplicate. In any case Neil is foremost an entertainer as you can see by how he treats the subject in such a clownish way. Unfortunately the audience seems totally taken in by his antics and his rather shallow treatment of the subject. It does not appear that he has any real knowledge to impart about the subject so he goes for the standard skeptic arguments about how humans are totally unreliable witnesses and he needs to see an alien artifact in a laboratory setting etc etc etc. Unfortunately it 'may be' the we are the ones in the alien laboratory. But of course that may be something that Neil cannot conceive of because it has not been proven in his laboratory. I do not have to 'believe in' UFO's to know that they are a real phenomena as the accumulated data suggests and that various sciences should be actively and publicly investigating instead of looking down on the subject as a human malfunction.

  6. I respect him but he's being a real dick. Does a great job of discrediting the thousands of ppl who have had an experience. Human testimony is decent evidence, the majority of people aren't trying to deceive others by often humiliating themselves in the process. I think he's playing stupid and is nicely paid to disregard the topic. I mean, he is a leading figure in the scientific and academic community and we wouldn't want his loyal followers, collegues, and students to become discouraged by the possibility that much of what we believe to be true is actually false. And that we are insignificant little ants in comparison to whatever is behind ufos.

  7. He is clearly intelligent but the longer he talks the more he contradicts himself from other conversations. He can explain the 4th dimension even tho he says we can't imagine it but aliens definitely can't exist because he can't imagine them

  8. Mr. Tyson, you've done something far worse than what you claim to be against… You discredit ALL evidence based on your own previous experience… You should be ashamed of yourself… Seek out ALL knowledge, no matter how you feel. You seek main stream culture NOT knowledge… stop lying to people. You are a FRAUD.

  9. the smartest people we have in our colleges on tv and respected around the world are all saying if your abducted by aliens why dont you steal something bring it back as proof.1 problem and it is related to your answers about the crash landing.if they are able to cross the vastness of space and reach us how would we have the ability to steal anything?they would be so advanced they could have a beam of light that puts you in a coma state for a determined amount of time and render stealing anything useless

  10. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a classic example of how astrophysicists have denied, rejected, ignored and ridiculed the entire UFO phenomena. Up to a point where a subject that has the eye witness, video footage of not hundreds or thousands but millions upon millions of people who claim to have seen a UFO. I do agree with him that the "U" in UFO does mean "unidentified " but to completely ignore the phenomenon as a hoax or a illusion instead of asking and studying what and why is this phenomena has played it's part in modern society beggars belief. A cynic would state that he is part of an attempt to close the subject to any real investigation, yet I doubt that he or any other astrophysicist will state that maybe just maybe, it is something worth pursuing. One day, his profession and that of many others are going to look extremely foolish when the UFO phenomena is proven not to be an illusion.

  11. Any one of us actually steals an ashtray off the Alien craft…I for one would stick it in a shielded container as it might be lethally radioactive. That's why we have instrumentation, devices, so we can extend our knowledge beyond our simple senses. Once measured for harmful radiation, then the artifact can be measured for infrared emissions, RF emissions, Gamma & all the other high energies…all sorts. Then apply all emissions TOWARD the artifact…one might "turn it on"…the possibilities are endless.

  12. im about to shit down Neil somemore, think about the understanding he would have about the GodZillion number of stars nnnkay He does not believe in God so he believes in evolution nnnkay Now listen to the croud that came to hear that UFOs aren't real… Neil IS PART OF THE COVERUP…

  13. shut the fuck up neil i would love to have your job telling people shit just because YOU haven't seen it I think someone who spends as much time as YOU supposedly have looking up YOU would have seen something by now that YOU cant explain. Hey Neil let ME tell YOU SOMETHING BEINGS a million years advanced coming here in small silent craft would be the masters of not leaving evidence behind and if these Beings are 50% RESPONSIBLE for your partially preprogrammed existence then thay can read YOUR mind and THEY KNOW when THIER being watched and when THIER NOT. oh and i loved your 3rd grade explination for everything…P.S How did you get here where you are today- By listening to other people and figuring things out right- You aughta try listening to other people and try figuring something out huh. But if thier listening then its never going to happen unless they allow it…So get over it your not part of the Club.

  14. I heard you say something like if an alien crashed in Roswell after traversing time and space to get here, you don't want to meet them. That assumes, I prefer the term extraterrestrials have perfect technology. Also, as far as we know, traveling a wormhole may be a violent experience that damages a lot of crafts on the way through. Just saying…

    Another thing you said was that the government cannot keep something that big a secret. Really? How about the Manhattan Project? Over 200.000 people worked on that and it remained a secret until the bombs fell on Japan. It's called in government compartmentalization. And it works quite well. If 99% of CIA agents told you ET does not exist they'd be correct. The other 1% would be lying, disseminating disinformation, ad nauseum.

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