Flying saucer, Sensory Patios

Tucson Botanical Gardens on Saturday June 18 2016 with Dylan and Tania for a walk and breakfast at Café Botanica. With the warmth wave arriving Sunday (115 levels)... View UFO Post

Munich – The UFO

Munich’s resident UFO. Actual title is "Futuro Haus" (Futuro Area), a design idea for a snowboarding hut through Finnish dressmaker Matti Suuronen. © All Rights Reserved – you... View UFO Post

UFO over the Chemistry tower

An experiment with a 3-D device and an image I did of the terrible "Chemistry Tower" in Strasbourg College. Posted by way of fschnell on 2005-07-31 22:26:32 Tagged:... View UFO Post

UFO Touchdown Strip

I feel the right kind identify for this kind of cloud is Lenticular. I have by no means noticed cloud formations find it irresistible prior to and I... View UFO Post