38 thoughts on “BIG TIME! Easiest UFO Movies Of April 2015 [Breaking UFO News] Percentage This!

  1. the sun is a cold fusion light Stargate. from the edge of the sun the temps range from minus 250 to plus 250 depending if you are on the shade or in direct light. not temps decreasing from hottest to cooler. peaceb

  2. I Sent This Email To Someone That I Believe Is Connected To The Government In Some Way. They Claimed That They Wanted Information From Aliens That Have Now Taken Residence On Earth. So I Supplied The Information They Asked For. I Am The One That Sent You A Copy Of The AES Poster Book. I Said I Was The Source At That Time. That Has Not Changed.

    Contact Has Been Made . . . . . . . .  Our Governments Know All About It, And Are Very Unhappy That This Has Occurred. It Has Nothing To Do With Nuclear Weapons. Frequencies That We Are Using For Communications Are Causing Problems With Alien Travel. I Noticed That You Have A Religious Base. They Manufactured The Concept Of God. You Would Be Well Advised Not To Interfere With This Process. I Recently Predicted Them Leaving The Moon. I Also Predicted UAP’s Buzzing Some Telstra Towers. I Am The One That Suggested That They Start Using Colours, Not Consistent With Gasses In Our Atmosphere. They Have Bases On Earth Now. This Will Give Them The Ability To Strike. I Have A Ridiculous Amount Of Proof. I Am Not Important With Respect To The Contact Being Made. But I Have Created Mathematics That Is Going To Unravel Human Education On A Global Scale. The Mathematics You Teach Does Not Work, So No One Can Disprove Your Lies. My Mathematics Unravels Your Mathematics, So That You Will Be Unable To Debunk It. This Is A Very Simple Trick With Deeply Profound Implications. They Are Helping Me To Advance, So I Am Afraid That Any Attempt To Alter The Inevitable Outcome May Be Met With Force. Prevention Of This Fact May Be Beyond My Control. You Need To Clearly Understand. They Are Here And They Are Real. And You Need To Back The F***, Off. Or They May Do Something About It. Clyve Roksingha.

  3. Like a bumb on the street pan handling,  I NEED MONEY FOR, BOOZE, DRUGS AND HOOKERS and at least im not lying too u.  Nausa is not telling us the truth, cause we cant handle the truth, ur spreading fear about something u admit know, nothing about.

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  5. tird's u ask what's this all about?  Do ur home work guy's….  Chemtrail planes are spraying aluminum in the sky, thus setting up a projection screen that images are projected on.  Get the pitchure?  Why ya making more than it is? U say upsetting to the world!!   Ur proof of scare tackticks..   Let ya know, u just heard it loud and clear, callem like i see em u fakers,  FAKe<

  6. Tirdfacemooners why didnt ya bring in a analist before u brought  a camera crew to the polishknobs back yard where he sees aliens in the tall grass, that never show up in his video's?  Because, its a bunch of fakes collaberator's

  7. Starting at 3:16 looks like some type of ET Chemtrail clearing amidst some heavy duty chemtrial spraying in the area. It has been said through various channels that this is ET activity doing just that. You can notice the appearance of figure 8's in the solid covering of chemtrail in the sky and how the air is being cleared along the figure 8's. With such a thick covering of most of the sky it is the only way to explain how a figure 8 of clear sky is cut out like that. I imagine if the footage had lasted an hour or so you would have gradually seen the entire sky being cleared.

    At 17:15 there is a craft that seems dangerously close to the Sun. Corey Goode from Cosmic Disclosure (Corey is a 20yr veteran of the secret space program called Solar Warden) says these craft can get so close the sun because they are protected by 'Energy Fields' activated around the ships.

  8. Sheeran if you look at this you can see that there are three sixes 666 as plain as day see if you look at this you can see that there are three Sixers six six six as play nice day and I got something else to tell all of you if you are made Buckeye forget all the books the Holy Bible all of that so that away this is just how I feel that's a person if we are made by God than what do we have a man's understanding for unless it is a curse see I have proof God is here Jesus is here mother of all the angels and they are carrying a child they are placing their images in the image of God is the breath of life that's why they are putting all of these things and death to the Breath of Life for Curves but none of you are even paying it any attention actually the term Breath of Life is a first term because the universe the sun and the moon are already here before religion and understanding and the concept and man of God so the term Breath of Life should be Breath of light just think about how powerful everything is and that has been made before man in this artificial world of the intelligence spraying the skies worshiping the devil in the place of God most people are looking for the cross and books they have crosses on their necks they go into buildings and worship they think God but they are worshipping the devil because you have a man's understanding in the place of God and Jesus Christ Living inside of you is a curse and a prophecy of the universe is coming that is what they are doing they are letting everything in the universe know that they worship Satan on this Earth and this is his establish Kingdom and his ungodly heaven on Earth that's exactly what this is these people have killed and murdered they have a bloodlust their they cannot stop killing and the whole court system of Law & Order before our generations of understanding if you look at their history of their knowledge and establishment especially during the Western period was held in the saloon this is worse 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  9. In 2010 I downloaded 100's of pictures of objects in the Corona and on the surface of the Sun. This object shooting a laser beam is just one of these seen form a different visual angle than the normal stereo imagery from the NASA site! Nasa knows all about these and claimed that they are Compression Anomalies! Nasa has changed the pixel quality of the daily viewing data or jpegs released so that there is no longer any discernible details in the jpegs of these planet size objects! In my opinion this is just a coverup!!

  10. Aliens are basically insects that live on bananas which they have used up on their own planets, that's why they are here ! Get real folks, face the hard truth that our bananas are in serious trouble !

  11. Fucking laughable fake ass footage! Can I ask you something? Why are you putting up cgi footage? Is it a massive disinformation campaign or are you just a couple of greedy bastards that are scummy enough to make money of a serious subject that is close to a lot of us? Yeah I'm calling it the 2nd one.

  12. why are the majority if not all UFO  videos so KRAPPY !!annoying /cant u get a clear video   not so flippin blurry //

  13. The second  video was very good but if the person had been positioned against a vehicle or a poll, it would have been a great video. The video was moving around too much. A portal to another dimension

  14. also can someone PLEASE explain to me the light in the DIRT at 24:44? seems you answered your own question on that one, all you folks with your phony stuff just get int he way of whats really out there

  15. @ 21.20 is IGNORANT!!! those are the night lights at the wash plant, its a gravel pit and that's the tower lights, good grief you guys

  16. That last object was a jet… When zoomed to 600%, you can see plain as day the wings, the tail, the turbines, and the afterburn.

  17. The thumbnail looks like that thing from Return of The Jedi. You know, when thier over the giant squid clam and Luke has to jump. I mean it seriously looks like that. What so George Lucas inspires aliens across the universe for ship desings? This is questionable footage.

  18. I truly believe most of the UFO's that were caught over air force bases were actually test's of drones, even in the fifties. Because look at what we have now that can even be bought a Walmart.  What is caught in the clouds is the same testing that has been going on for years. It's like no one ever saw this stuff till the first Sputnik?  But there is only one reason to believe that some things could possibly be real UFO encounters coming from outer space. Is because… if we are here, why couldn't they be out there.

  19. I love learning about space and all the unknown things I've just started learning about what's public and the time is near I've been rained with revelation

  20. Who the fuck made this? Who needs the opinions of a bunch of pot head idiots? They didnt even spell HAARP correctly. They provided NO evidence that HAARP was related. In the same sentence the guy says its exta-terrestrial AND its HAARP. 2 different things. UGH!

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