Alien Generation – The TR-3B The way it Paintings?

Alien Generation – The TR-3B The way it Paintings? Learn extra / description hyperlink: http://www.latest-ufo-sightings.internet/2010/03/famous-ufo-cases-tr-3b.html ————————————– supply:…

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  1. they are called merkabas and ophanim/wheels and thrones..and the otherside with vimana….in the old testament…its the shapeshifting ones that are very interesting to me…we have some high technology now…that is going to make things more hard to know exactly what we are loking at…..but the intent of an object or entity that is under or is an intelligent being to me is more important..malevolent or benevolant…their are worlds and beings under the earth … i have no doubts about that

  2. Cool and all, but I'll stick to tilt-rotor aircraft. Hovers like a helicopter using two propellers, then rotates the propellers forward turning it from a helicopter into a dual engine airplane. VTOLS are my favorite. The U.S, Mexico, Russia, and other countries are using them to replace regular helicopters which were designed for the same purpose those hovering "UFO's" were being designed. To hover units into battle without needing an entire landing strip, and for medvac, supply delivery, natural disaster emergencies etc.

  3. I seen the guy who test piloted that thing on youtube. they scrapped the whole thing because they invented the helicopter they went a long ways refining the tech but in the end nothing happened with it

  4. Great job. Sounds like material science has a long way to go. I guess us useless eaters will die in the global warming during the next 9 years, the elite will then have an entire universe to exploit. Why are the Americans working with China and Russia? Any chance of securing the 500 nuclear power stations which were too dangerous to insure?

  5. Well if they are Nazis then they are ILLEGAL aliens.
    If they are engaging in reproductive activity on board the vehicles then you could say then that they are Alien Reproduction Vehicles. So its a white lie folks.
    They engineered WW2 for the purpose of collecting slaves. They shipped thousands of slaves to the secret bases in Antland and committed no doubt all manner of atrocities.
    Then they abducted children globally for their slave camps to increase their numbers. It took two generations to get to a size and sophistication needed for TWD total world domination.

  6. Until such time that the human race successfully weeds out the things that hold us back the race will continue to languish in its own stupidity and grossly retard the speed at which it scientifically and mentally evolves. As much as so many hate to even discuss, eugenics will eventually become an accepted part of the human race. When negative attributes that make up us all are known and removed, on a non-personal level, the human race will only then begin to enjoy mental, physical and scientific advancement on the level we are capable of. Only in the last few hundred years have we been able to achieve five steps forward without knocking ourselves 4.9999 steps backward. But even though, we are are still achieving no better than five steps forward and three backwards. If you use the time between the advent of the steam engine and to that of men walking on the moon as a means to measure our progression, then we should have had colonies on Mars ten to twenty years ago and cities on the moon. But we keep holding ourselves back because we refuse to recognize and remove the things that we know impede our progress. I don't need to tell you what they are. We are all, already smart enough to have figured most of those out long ago.

  7. I'm afraid your wrong, you seem to think its alien tech, why?? your putting and cunting the human race down, if you think we can't invent what's in the skys, there all black projects and there is no evidence any wear to say different, all you nutters are going right over the top with all this alien stuff and conspiracy crap, why do you think they dont worry or shoot these aliens down?? it may off happened few times at the start, but after all the other countrys relized it was usa, it stoped, nothing you have said sounds alien on how these craft work nothing, its all shit we worked out that's all it is, do your reasearch the usa have been makeing testing these things for years, one day we had to crack it, and we have its all about gravity and nuclear power, that's all no aliens or crashed alien ufo, s ,your like kids stamping your feet coss they the goverments will not tell you there top secret shit, so you start comeing out with all this crap, your gonna look a even bigger fool, when the goverments decide to tell us all, lol you can carry on with these storys you make up, with no evidence not one bit lol its just beyond reality, wake up.

  8. Justa4t
    You talked about the brilliant flash emitted by these craft. I often fall back on my engineering skills from my past. It was when I experienced these flashes you describe. I was establishing property boundaries on a parcel in northwest Washington State. The property is located in an area on the N.W. side of the Olympic Peninsula, a rural area next to the Hoh Indian Reservation. Because of ambiguities and lack of legitimate control points and distant section corners I opted to establish a true meridian via Polar Observation. A highly precise measuring technique, similar to sailors using sextants. To catch the time of elongation put me on the transit around 3 AM. The skies were perfectly clear, one of those beautifully pristine nights. This is when I saw two hi altitude objects with a magnitude of distant stars. I was attracted to them because of their movement which seems to be common with fighter jets in a dog fight. There were zero sounds which I figured their altitude would have been a factor. I was surprised with one of the three objects emitted a brilliant white flash. I witnessed these objects for close to 20 min. with several more occurrences of this super bright white flashing. At the time I thought it was an evasion tactic until I watched your presentation. Thank you, keep up the good work.

  9. @10sec Why do you have 2 things that say weather balloons one looks like the Batman vehicle and one looks like the Enterprise from Star Trek?

  10. i think the best discovery that will unfold a million answers is the pre flood construction of the 3 Giza pyramids. i was not aware of certain facts,
    No hieroglyphs in them.
    All 3 have water marks and sea salt residue.
    The construction of the 3 giza are by far superior to any others. .
    Enochs books were taken from the inner chamber. some copies can be read online.

  11. i think the best discovery that will unfold a million answers is the pre flood construction of the 3 Giza pyramids. i was not aware of certain facts,
    No hieroglyphs in them.
    All 3 have water marks and sea salt residue.
    The construction of the 3 giza are by far superior to any others.

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