Alien Megastructure:Tabby’s Famous person Anomaly Simply Were given Even Extra Mysterious after …

Remaining fall, a little-known superstar referred to as KIC 8462852 changed into our planetary obsession when astronomers stated that its erratic flickering might be the results of an alien megastructure. Additional commentary…

Period: 3:7

Perspectives: 28229

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  1. Our astrophysicists astronomer s are not in a position to confirm conclusively whether any planet is revolving around proxima centaury the star which is only 4.3 light years away.
    Strangely these astronomer s are unnecessarily causing confusion by coming out with strange theories like dyson sphere , alien megastructure s etc. Its absolute ly absurd to draw such stupid conclusion s on the star which is 1480 light years away from us. These guys are not sure on proxima centaury but how come they can surmise on this Tabby star.

  2. Dyson Sphere's are ridiculously impractical, even for aliens. A Dyson Swarm is far more logical, but I'm putting my money on a Planet Cloud, a group of thousands of life sustaining habitats that orbit around a planet to create more living space.

    Of course, we don't have any conclusive evidence either way. We'll know more in May 2017 when the light is expected to dim again. Even more in 2019, where we can use the James Web Space Telescope to scan for the infra-red signals that would be detected if any kind of Megastructure was indeed being built.

  3. if they are exist then they are no longer type 2 so, we better be careful with the messages we try to send to the deep space, cause today we are type 0 and most of the facts is showing that we all going to die at this stage if we keep going this way…

  4. think of this. Lets say you have the ability to make a structure that
    can encompass a star.
    Question? why?
     Now that you have, in essence a captured start and all its energy, you
    can now MOVE that star as you have isolated it from space.
    Now lets take that one step further. You move that star or Build a SHIP
    around that star, effectively using it as a Engine for your MASSIVE
    science has many time stated if you wanted to move between galaxy's you
    would need the energy of a star for power.
    Now some one has that power to do just that.

    food for thought.

  5. If it is loosing it's dimness then it stands plausible that an alien race much like our own is harnessing energy directly from the star, but to the detriment of the solar system. This sounds a lot like modern day humans with carbon emission. Also, if you think about what it might look like to an alien if they were looking down on a city and seeing cars fly by with rules they didn't understand. Maybe we're witnessing many vessels in a solar system that has a vast complicated transit system. My final thought is, what if they have looked out across the stars much like we have and after doing it for much longer than us, they devised a way to communicate with anyone who ever listened. Maybe the star is fine, but a satellite (or something akin to one) is pumping out different lights and dimness to any would be viewers to say either Hello, or "don't come here." Those are my ideas in the direction of other lifeforms. Don't have any ideas as far as non sentient beings though.

  6. you know whats not mentioned ever, but seen in a pic in this vid, is a companion star close to this mysterious one. maybe they should look into that.

  7. well this is interesting and intriguing I think people might be getting a little ahead of their snowshoes. the facts are we have no idea what this is we do not have any models that cover or include the exact data that we have been observing and this means there could be phenomena which have nothing to do with technological beings and we should keep that in mind saying that there are no known astrological phenomena to explain this does not mean aliens.

  8. I often wonder why they always refer large space made objects as "megastructures"? That sounds more of a terrestrial made thing. A colossal structures would be more fitting.

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